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Terence BradfordI was flying this afternoon and came across an article in this month’s Fortune Magazine. Terence Bradford, a former Smith Barney broker, now a Citigroup banker by day, raps at night as Billy Shakes to teach the street about The Street:
Here are a few lines from his interesting lyrics:

I’m a paper gangsta getting stock quotes on my pager.
Stocks and drugs both the same in my eyes.
More buyers than the sellers cause the market to rise.
I know y’all out there really click-clackin’ your guns.
Hang wit’ me I’ll have you stik-stackin mutual funds.
Thousands on a whip [car] don’t make you a star.
I’m buying options on the companies that makin’ them cars.
Come on! Get stocks and bonds.

Bradford becomes so famous in the underground Hip-Hop Club because what he raps about sets him apart. Yes, Bradford raps about women and cars as well, but his sincerity of preaching money management and personal financing wins him the popularity and fans even from the kids who can’t spell B-O-N-D. His stuff is original, different, positive (relatively), and educational.

I don’t listen to Rap and the only Rap battle education I have is from Eminem’s 8 Mile. But I know one thing for sure, if you are up there rapping about how many pairs of shoes you bought yesterday and how long it took you to pick an outfit for the night, you’d be booed your head off and thrown out of the stage in no time.

Blogging is kind of like rapping, the only difference is that you are babbling through your keyboards instead of your voices. I remember one time when I was visiting a blog site, the author went on and on about the new sandals she bought for her boyfriend and how cute his boyfriend’s toes were in these sandals. I was there thinking… “Whoa girl! You may admire your boyfriend’s toes so much that you are gonna write a song about them. But honey, you maybe your only audience or plus your boyfriend if you are lucky. Cuz,…Who the hell cares about your boyfriend’s toes?!!” Well, as expected, I never visited that site again.

Whenever I have an idea of a piece of potential content, I type it down and ask myself the following question, “If some total stranger wrote this, would I be reading it? ” If my answer is, “What a piece of boring shit!”, I’d throw it in the recycling bin and move on. Sometimes I miss-judge, sometimes I hit the bullseye. I guess there is a learning curve for everything.

Anyway, I hope you get the idea….

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