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Give Your Blog Site A Health Check

To my usual readers: Sorry to be super nerdy with this post. I am writing this article in anticipation of Darren’s “31 Days To Better Blogs” project. If you feel geeky right now, read on.

I have only been blogging for 6 weeks. Although I am a baby blogger, I’ve accumulated a few things that might be helpful to other rookie bloggers who are trying to get out of the deserted islands so we can finally stop talking to ourselves.

Let’s first do a “SEO physical” for your blog site:

Is your site indexed?
More specifically, is your site indexed by Google? Open a Google page, type Cache:http://yourblogsite and see what comes back. If your site has been around for more than a few weeks, Google should have indexed your home page.
Now you need to check how many pages Google has indexed your site. The more the better. Again, open a Google page, type site:yoursiteURL. If you have built hundreds of pages and Google only returns a few, you have a problem

Are you in any directories?
Don’t be confused between web search and directory search. They are two different things. The directories that really matter are Yahoo and Open Directory Project. Go to www.yahoo.com, click on directory, then search your site. If your site is listed, Yahoo will show you the category you belong to. Open Directory Project is probably the most important directory. It directly links to a lot of major search engines such as Google and Hotbot. Go to domz.org and search your site.

What is your site ranking?
You can check your Google page rank by downloading the Google toolbar. There are also two major places to check your rankings.
Claim your site with Technorati and the site will show you your ranking among 14 million blog sites worldwide.
Go to www.alexa.com, on the top, click “Traffic ranking” and enter your blog URL. It will show you your ranking based on the data Alexa toolbar has collected. If your site is too new, Alexa won’t have data for you. Wait a few months and check again.

How many incoming links do you have?
We all know how important the incoming links are. Go get a link popularity check. There are tons of sites, but I like windexl’s tools. Check it out.

Do you have the correct Meta tags setup?
You want to give your homepage’s meta-tags a health check. Again, go to Windexl and check the health of your meta tags. The tool tells you exactly what is wrong with your settings.

Is your site robot friendly?
If you are using frames, javascript, flashes and lots of images and little text, you are in trouble.
If most of your pages are dynamic and there are more than 2 parameters, you might be in trouble too. The dynamic page URL normally consists of a question mark and bunch of numbers and equal signs. If you are using session ID as part of your URL, you are screwed.

Are you compliant with Google’s Webmaster guideline?
If you want to build a Search Engine optimized site, don’t ignore Google’s guideline.

Ok, now you should have a pretty good idea of what is missing. I will write another post to give your blog site a face lift based on the health check results you receive.

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