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Is Money The Motivation?

The deeper I got myself into the Blogosphere, the more I realize that a lot of bloggers are into this thing for the money. I read a report somewhere that indicates 1/3 of the blog authors love writing and the rest hate it. The only reason they are still blogging is because of the reward. They draw some traffic to the site, get a decent page ranking and then run Ads on the site. Every click is money. Bloggers can also win awards, get listed on “Top x00 List”, get famous in the community or even become celebrities. No wonder more than 55% of the blog sites went “dead” after just a few months. It’s business again.

Yes, I am having a lot of trouble reading this figure. If you read the blog history, it was originally created as online journals to capture and spread information. I guess our wonderful society is capable of turning anything into profitable businesses nowadays, so I am not surprised.

I read Seth’s blog quite a bit lately. It’s a very popular blog site, or, should I say, a very HIGH RANKING blog site. The guy publishes books, thus, it is only nature for people to question his motivation of blogging as a way to promote his books. He claimed in his recent post,

“I don’t blog to make money. I don’t run ads on my site. I don’t even blog to win awards. I blog because it pleases me to see my ideas spread. I like it when I see people talking about one of my ideas–without even mentioning where the idea came from. That means it’s the idea that spread, not my brand. Which is the whole point.”

Think the guy is bullshitting? I believe him.

It is a real fun experience if people are getting something out of your posts and writing. A laugh, a relaxing moment, or even better, some kind of inspirations. A few days ago, I received an email from a reader I have never met (yes, a lot of readers are my friends…). The email reads,

“just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about your rock
climbing ventures. I am just a gumby myself (I’m just starting to
crawl up 5.8 routes). Keep up the great work and please continue
posting your climbing progress on your blog - it’s inspirational.”

That marks my happiest day in my not-so-long blogging history.

Will I run GoooooooAds on the site? Not until we move to Mars. If people can find a few laugh here and there and occasionally get something positive out of the posts, the site serves its purpose.

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