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Yuna’s Brew-Ha-Ha List – Top Places To Get Advice

#3 The Magic Ball
Have a question and searching for some answers? No worries. Just turn to the Magic8Ball. I asked “him”, “Are you full of shit?” The ball answered, “You must be willing to seek harder for an answer.” Want some magic answers? Knock yourself out

#2 Cosmopolitan
Curious about where men’s secret happy spots are? Turn to Cosmo’s advice!… Oh, wait.. don’t you have a perfect man laying there right beside you ready to be your “lab rat”???

#1 Winner!!! Britney Spear
Want some world travel advice? Britney Spear knows it all! I am glad that she realizes that Canada belongs to the “oversea” category.


Ok, enough of Brew-Ha-Ha’s. On the serious side, Seth, a well respected blogger wrote an article titled “where Do You Get Your Advice?” It cracks me up that someone actually asked him for his stock picks. He wrote,

“When I appear on the Motley Fool radio show, they ask me for my stock picks. Hey! I don’t own any stocks. And even if I did, what could I possibly have to say that would matter?”

Are we mad about celebrities or what! Anyway, let me get a little bit more serious here. When it comes to seeking advice, I still think close friends, family and yourself are the best bets. Among all three choices, our own intuition is probably the best adviser which we normally neglect to listen to. Deep down we all know what is right for us, yeah? I am no neuroscientist here so I don’t know the details of how the electron stimulation works inside of our brains. But most of the time, it is not a bad idea to go with the guts feeling…

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