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Where Is Yuna?

Gee.. I can’t believe that I haven’t checked my own site for more than a month!! I am even surprised myself… But with all the stuff happened lately, including the incident that caused me to pull down Yuna’s Village, I feel a bit reluctant to post personal thoughts on the wide open Internet. If I just gossip about other stuff happening around the world, I would lose a sense of being a real blogger….

I finally took a look at both of my sites today and saw Kris’s and Liz’s comments. I miss blogging and I miss my audiences/friends too. I had so much fun blogging my ass off before. I really don’t want to give it all up even though I was advised not to talk too much on the Internet to avoid conflicts. Believe it or not, I wrote quite a lot of posts in the past month, but never posted them online. It’s a real tough dilemma to deal with – freedom of speech vs. peace of life. There are always consequences when a person opens up and starts talking out loud. The death of Yuna’s Village is one example.

So….I don’t know… Let my sites die in exchange of peace or keep opening my big mouth and cause troubles… Freedom of speech is always relevant. I haven’t figured it out yet…

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