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Internet Red Light District Proposal Got Killed

domainA proposal submitted a while ago from the porn industry to request for a designated .xxx domain name which could be free of use by any adult sites got rejected yesterday.

According to the Wired News:

Faced with opposition from conservative groups and some pornography websites, the internet’s key oversight agency voted Wednesday to reject a proposal to create a red-light district on the internet….The decision from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers reverses its preliminary approval last June to create a “.xxx” domain name for voluntary use by the adult entertainment industry.

I am actually not too happy about this decision. If they want to keep those porn sites under control, the best way to do it is to house them together… So instead of me writing filtering rules to ban sites containing words like “hot babe” “toys 4 you” and other thousands of babe toy combo words , I can simply write one line of code and ban everything with .xxx domain. How easy is that!

However, if 2 out of 5 web surfers visit adult sites, it doesn’t really matter what they call it. whether it’s .com, .xxx, .orgs or .multiorgs, one way or another, they will be surfed.

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