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Where Is My #$@?

I was looking all over the place for my car key this morning. Well, finally I found it in my car ignition. GREAT! This was the second time I have done a stupid thing like that… Last time, I let my rental running all night in a hotel parking lot in Texas. The security guard found it in the morning, shut the engine off and returned my key to the front desk.

I have lost and refound so many stuff that if I put them together, it may take a whole closet space. A credit card was refound in my washier after I canceled it; $10, $5, and countless $1 bills in all sorts of pockets and mugs; a lost sweater that had been sitting in my trunck for the whole winter… Hmm.. I wonder if I ever have a dog, what’s gonna happen… ?

Thanks to Paco for the picture.. :-D lost puppy

Oh, did I mention that I lost my beloved video iPod on an airplane? It really hurts after just owning it for a couple of months. No, I didn’t misplaced it like that dog owner. I am still hoping that one day I would get a phone call from the Dallas Airport’s Lost and Found after I left them with dozen messages…. Bummer…..

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