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Hey! Give Me An Easy Way Out!

Although I am hoping Congress will find a way to legalize majority of the 12 million illegal aliens who are already here instead of pursuing a massive deportation, my “not-so-generous” side was pretty grumpy about offering those law breakers an easy way out. Simply because I went through hell and long 8 years to obtain my US citizenship.

A Personal Financing Blogger “How to be poor” wrote a post about his opinion and the post pretty much said what I had to say:

As a newcomer to this country, I had to follow a set of rules established by the people of this country. I had to cut through miles of red tape on my own. I had to drive out of state to complete physicals, fingerprinting, and interviews. My wife and friends had to write countless letters of support. We had to prove beyond all doubt that we are married for real, and not for the Green Card. Our lives were scritinized and documented right in front of us. Did I mention thousands of dollars in fees we had to shell out?

The side effects of being an alien are even more significant. I had to pay double everything in college - my tuition instead of being a couple-three grand per semester was always hovering around six. I could be deported for any misdemeanor normally punishable by a slap on the wrist if I were a citizen.

I believe the process was put into place to single out those motivated enough to complete the naturalization. The process is not perfect, but jumping the fence (breaking the law) and using the excuse “Oh, sorry, I’m just looking for a better life” is bullshit. Just because the U.S. borders Mexico does not enable citizens of Mexico enter the U.S. whenever they please. Citizens of any other country have to become parts of the process, so why should it be different for those enjoying the proximity?

I do agree with the President for once - the illegal immigrants already here must be given the chance to apply for work visas. Given the chance, not given the visas.

Nobody gave me a break when I was naturalizing. I believe I am here because I was more persistent than the countless thousands who apply, get rejected, and quit.

I have to agree with every word “How to be Poor” said in this post. Although I didn’t have to pay extra tuition because I went to a private college, I did have to pay about $60000 international college tuition for my ex while a local student only needed to spend about $25000 for a 4 year education.

Since my citizenship application got lost by the New York office when I moved from New York to Tennessee, my parents and I had to wait for days outside of congressman’s office looking for support to re-file. Not to mention the FBI hassles that left me feeling like a criminal for years.

Being said, I am still supporting a less harsh resolution (i.e. a worker visa) when dealing with the illegal inside of the border, however, I think anyone who wants to be naturalized has to follow the existing rules and being a Mexican shouldn’t be an excuse to bypass the process.

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