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Dumb And Dumber

Ok, one of these dumb and dumber moments again…

A single guy lived in this townhouse for 8 years in Ogden, Utah. They thought he was the best renter because he never called for complains and was never late on a payment. These pictures don’t even come close to what it really looked like. Century 21 had already moved some of the cans out and had caved in thunnels that he had made to get to the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

All this, yet, you still don’t see any dust or scattered clothes or any dirty dishes anywhere.

Other than having a minor drinking problem, he was basically a very
clean, organized person. Add to this he was concerned about his
health, proved by the fact that he drank a “Light” beer.

beer cans

beer cans

beer cans

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Thanks to Paco for the link


BEIJING (Reuters) - Two hapless Chinese thieves gassed themselves to death with cyanide along with five intended victims while trying to rob a gambling den in the city of Ruichang, the Xinhua news agency reported Saturday.

A court in nearby Jiujiang Thursday sentenced their three surviving accomplices to death for the robbery, carried out last June.

One of the three passed out for several hours from the effects of the gas — but still remembered to rob the dead of 15,950 yuan ($1,990), five mobile phones and a gold necklace when he came around, Xinhua said.

Original article on Yahoo News!

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