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Dumb Moments Of The Day

Sometimes, I just want to chill out, use less brain cells and laugh at something dumb. Now is that moment of the day. So here I am sharing with you some of my dumb moments with some pointless laughs…

Joke of the day
Do you think the porn sites should be .org or .multi-org?

Dumb Picture of the day
Rabbit got robbed
Sad Roo

Dumb news of the day (or yesterday)
I thought I was the only Chinese lady who needed bigger bras. I guess the entire China is aiming at larger cups. Check out the most popular odd news of (yester)day:

Bra producers have been forced to offer bigger cup-sizes in China because improved nutrition is busting all previous chest measurement records.
It’s so different from the past when most young women would wear A- or B-cup bras,” Triumph brand saleswoman Zhang Jing told the Shanghai Daily from the Landmark Plaza of China’s commercial hub.

Complete article: Tempest In D-cup as bust sizes grow

Thanks to Paco for the links.

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