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Seeking True Happiness - Part I

Ok, so goal-free living doesn’t really mean aimlessly living. And I don’t think anyone can live without a hope or a desire. Then what is it that we desire the most ? My answer? I want true happiness. Everybody has different perspective on what true happiness is. Some say power, some want money to retire early, many of us desire love, and a lot of guys think sex is the true happy moment… :-D

10 years ago, I believed in achievement = happiness.

“If I could become this and that and make this and that happen, I’d be happy.”

So a few years later I did achieve “this” and “that”, however, I became depressed and illed. Forget about happiness, I wasn’t even healthy. So right there I proved to myself that money and achievement didn’t bring me happiness. So what is it then? It took me a few years to find some answers. So far, I’ve found two ingredients of my true happiness

Ingredient #1– Sharing

I met Jake, Jason and Ryan when I was working on a project in Richmond,VA. We all loved games, computer technology and graphics. So when Jake brought up the topic of the upcoming SIGGraph(Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics) conference in San Diego, we were pretty pumped. But getting there and staying there for a few days was just not realistic given the high cost associated with the trip. At that time, I have saved about half million hotel points and about 150K frequent flyer miles. When I suggested using my hard earned travel rewards to pay for the trip, everybody was shocked, myself included. In my life time, I have never ever given so much to other people. Yes, I volunteer and use my labor to give back a fair share to the society. But money wise? Sorry, no way!

Jake wouldn’t believe it until I picked up the phone and called American Airline to book the tickets. Actually, I couldn’t believe myself doing that either. I was really kicking myself for being an idiot after spending 75,000 miles and 180,000 Marriott Hotel points on a few people I had just met. The San Diego trip was awesome! I think we all bonded from that trip and found each other some true friends. Most importantly, my willingness to share made this wonderful trip possible. Everybody left the sunshine California with a great experience and a piece of beautiful memory.

Ever since then, I became generous with money and my possessions. I took a lot of people to NBA games last season and I am continuing doing it this year; I have organized a few trips and paid for the expenses so other people can also enjoy this wonderful place we live in; I left more tips than I should for the hotel staffs when I was living in the downtown Denver hotels. I am not too big on charity giving. I just feel happy to put some smiles on those ones whom I have encountered because these people are real to me. Sharing what I have with my friends and knowing that they are having a great time truly makes me feel happy too. This kind of joy is something money can’t buy.

I remember the Bible says that we can only serve either God or money. And somewhere in the Bible also says that the true happiness lies in giving. Well, I am not a hardcore Christian, but God does have a point here though.

It’s getting late… so I will write up my true happiness ingredient #2 when I have some time. :-)

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